Oia : The Cistercian Route in Galicia

From the Monastery of Oia we remain true to our commitment with the Charter, in order to get new members from Spain, mostly from our region, Galicia, in a first stage. We welcome the beautiful monasteries of Meira, Montederramo y A Franqueira to the Charter, and we hope receive many more from now on. Related to this, from Oia we are facing a new challenge: the implementation of the European Cultural Route of the Cistercian Abbeys, firstly in Galicia and then, if it is possible, collaborating and enhancing the visibility of this route in the rest of Spain through the networking. In order to facilitate the management of the route, a new association is created: the Association of the Cistercian Monasteries of Galicia. We expect to launch this project between this year and the next, and we would like to invite our dear friends of the Charter to visit our region. We will keep you updated.