The 4Seasons Festival at the Zdar Estate


Can a historical monument become a living space for residents and visitors ? Each festival has its own character, its “world” and diversity, and a program that addresses not only the residents of Zdar and its surroundings : they wish everybody to be welcome. The Zdar Estate and the new museum are immersed in the present time, thanks to the artistic concept and all year round events. The New Generation Museum plunges the visitor into the genius loci of this unique castleand monastary. Visitors perceive and understand it through feelings, emotions and sensations. Visitors will not only interact with exhibits and modern technology, but more especially with the people and live art. That is why the museum interconnects with a classical presentation of history, with creativity and the arts. Our goal is to make the guest himself a creative, imaginative and directly involved factor in the project. The Four Seasons Festival follow the rhythm of life at the estate: Spring – Open Garden Days; Summer – Monastic night; Fall –Hallowing-(pumpkin time): lighting up the castle grounds;Winter – Christmas markets.