Zdar: the KoresponDance Festival welcomed more than 1900 Visitors

This year the rich program focused on contemporary physical and dance theatre attracted more than 1 900 visitors who spread around the compound of the monastery in Žďár nad Sázavou, the main site of this annual cultural event set in the heart of the Czech Republic. One of the most popular performances was the breath-taking piece by the French company Beau Geste – L.U.MEN. This spectacular show combines dance and acrobatics with heavy machinery. The world-traveled Forman brothers, who came with The Freak Show, was hopelessly sold out. The première of Bach 15, the piece of Béatrice Massin connected the baroque place to contemporary art. KoresponDance demonstrates that dance and physical theatre can find its place in a monastery and connects very well with the audience who experience it for the first time. Each year the program is more ambitious and gets more public attention so let’s see what the next year brings about! 4th édition of the festival : Save the date  for the 8th to 10th of July 2016 and come to Czech republic  to discover a new site in a very alive and warmly welcoming context ! More information: www.se-s-ta.cz / www.korespondance.cz