Zdar : The New Generation Museum celebrates its success

During August and September, we welcomed over 15,000 visitors and recorded a positive feedback from the media. A new museum concept for the Czech Republic, and presenting the Cistercian Order and the Baroque Era, its reception has been very positive. It combines audiovisual aids and historical contents and exhibits which the visitors go through using audio guides. The New Generation Museum is not just a museum, it is a key to understanding the entire complex of the former monastery and today’s Zdar Estate. The official sponsorship of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic and his personal private visit were much appreciated. The museum was officially inaugurated on September 22, when we were honored by the presenceof important guests. A presentation was made by Gilles Marty, director of INCA (France, Grenoble), who initiated theproject and carried it out, Special guided tours followed, together with live arts, ie Baroque dancing. www.zamekzdar.cz/en/