Oia : Monastery of Oia celebrates its mention as National Monument

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Oia Abbey on Youtube

The days 13th, 14th and 15th june, the Association of Friends of the Monastery of OIA (ACAMO), in collaboration with the Property, will organize several guided tours through the cloister, the old refectory and the monastic gardens, explaining historical and architectural details of the monument. In addition, the concert “Sounds of the Monastery” will be celebrated in the church, with the chorus “Falan os sons, soan as palabras” that perform for the first time the piece “Oia”. It is very important to stand out that these activities are intended to cover the costs of maintaining the church.

In the surroundings of the monastery, visitors can also enjoy an exhibition of the artisan’s work of the village, and other activities as excursions to the famous prehistoric petroglyphs or surfing initiation by the Surfing Club of Oia. Apart from that, a new video of the Monastery of Oia is available on You Tube. Recently we launched it with the aim of promote the monument. You can watch it in our You Tube Channel searching for: Real Monasterio de Oia. We wait for you in Oia, dear friends !