III International Meeting of Cistercian Abbeys in Alcobaça

Monastery of Alcobaça [Portugal], November 23-24th, 2018. Promoted by the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage / Monastery of Alcobaça, with the objective of affirming this Cistercian Monastery (inscribed in the List of World Heritage – UNESCO) as an international reference space in the discussion on the management of Cistercian sites, the 3rd edition of this meeting has as theme „Beyond borders: the Cistercian heritage and the European cultural identity today“. Since the twelfth century the Cistercians developed an amazing action in the construction of the landscape and the cultural identity of Europe. Today, thousands of visitors cross borders to know this magnificent heritage that is part of their own identity. Being 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage, we intend to discuss the role of Cistercian sites in the knowledge and promotion of European cultural identity in the contemporary world. Managers of Cistercian abbeys from 8 countries, members of the European Charter of Cistercian Abbeys and Sites, and experts on European cultural routes are participating in the meeting. The Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes (Council of Europe) and the Procurator General of the Cistercian Order will also be present. Registrations: visitas@malcobaca.dgpc.pt More information : www.mosteiroalcobaca.pt www.facebook.com/mosteirodealcobaca.monumentonacional/