Culture Route : organisation, marketing and management – International Conference in Pelplin (September 13-15, 2013)


Culture Route Association and Cistercian Abbey is pleased to announce the International Conference Culture Route: organisation, marketing and management which will be held in Pelplin on September 13– 15, 2013. The conference aims at formulating a model for European cultural trails management in Poland to enhance the conservation of the European cultural heritage and foster development of culture tourism. The conference is a part of European Heritage Days 2013. Also, it is an opportunity to analyse 10-year functioning of the Coordination Council of Cistercian Route in Poland, formed in Pelplin in 2003. The conference participants will also have an opportunity to take part in Cistercian Fair events which will be taking place at the same time in Pelplin. Please submit a declaration of participation up to Juni 30, 2013. Contact: Alicja Słyszewska, Secretary of the Coordination Council of Cistercian Route in Poland – PLAC TUMSKI 1, 83-130 PELPLIN, Poland – E-MAIL: alicja.slyszewska@ Mob. +48 604537262; fax +48 58 536 32 94