Bierzwnik : participation in the Forum

On 8-10 July 2018 members of the Association of Postcistercian Heritage Protection in Bierzwnik took part in the next National Forum of the Cistercian Route, that was organised in Marianowo in West Pomerania. This year’s Forum was also the part of celebrating 770th anniversary of cistercian nuns arrival to Marianowo. As in the Forum participated also guests from teh European Charter (France, Belgium and Portugal) volunteers Monika Kurpisz MA and Daria Olejniczak MA from our Association were personal translators to foreign visitors. One of the events during the Forum was conference concerning cistercian nuns in West Pomerania. Memebers of our Association were also speakers during the conference. Barbara Stolpiak PhD and Teresa Świercz MA presented project entitled ‘Cistercian nuns in West Pomerania and Cistercian Route in Poland’. Magdalena Poklewska-Koziełł MA presented paper entitled ‘Tiles from archaeological research in former monastery in Cedynia ‘. It needs to be emphasized that Association of Postcistercian Heritage Protection in Bierzwnik once more supported substantively organisation of the Forum of the Cistercian Route (Teresa Świercz).