A successful summer

Constantin and Marie Kinsky, the owners of Zdar Estate, have seen their efforts specially recognized: their Next Generation Museum has been placed second on the list of the ten best museums in the Czech Republic. Marie was nominated “Woman of the Year” by the Region, for her work at the head of the Center for Choreographic Development SE-s-TA, which she set up and through which she runs the KoresponDance festival. (Mark the date of the next one, mid July 2019). Following the activities she initiated as soon as she arrived in the Republic, more than 20 years ago, SE-s-TA aims at three goals directed at the public and the world of professionals : introduce contemporary dance to the public and the dancers, restricted for 50 years to classical ballet inspired by the Bolshoi theater (the Big Brother); allow the public to involve themselves and take part, so as to discover their own abilities; provide a platform for professionals from the world of dancing and living theater to meet, exchange their experience and cooperate, through conferences, round tables, (in Zdar and elsewhere including abroad), and in residence on the Estate. This summer, companies and artists from Ghana, Mexico, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Italy and the Czech Republic worked at their projects in Residence, covering the fields of dance, scenography and photography. Picture : Ghana in Zdar – July 2018