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Beaupré-sur-la-Lys - Abbaye The abbey of Notre-Dame de Beaupré-sur-la-Lys (La Gorgue, North of France) was founded in 1221 by the lords of Bethune, Daniel and Robert. The latter was constable of King John "Lackland". The abbey joined the Cistercian Order in the following years. Beaupré and its community (almost 40 nuns) survived until the French Revolution. The monastery was consequently dismantled. The farmhouse of Beaupré (see illustration), today disappeared, has received, during the Great War, a British aerodrome and a dozen of squadrons, including N° 16 squadron R.F.C. of the future Lord Hugh Dowding and Naval 8 (208 squadron R.A.F.) of the "Mad Major". Brought to light with the opportunity of archaeological excavations, the site shows parts of the basis of the monastery. A great part of the material found is exhibited in the same town of La Gorgue (tombstones, decorated paving, europeans coins, objects of the daily life).

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