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Salem - Abbaye Located in the middle of the Linzgau countryside, the huge complex of Salem, once a Cistercian abbey, shows clearly how prosperous the former monastery used to be. The abbey was founded in 1134 and in the Middle Ages it developed into one of the most important monasteries in the Germanspeaking territories. The impressive Gothic abbey church, whose austere structure has survived intact, dates from this period. In the 17th and 18th centuries the interior of the church was rebuilt in the baroque style, whose exuberance was later curbed in favour of the early classicistic style.

The abbey complex of Salem enchants on account of its unique symbiosis of medieval and 18th century elements: Gothic elegance, baroque splendour, rococo capriciousness and classicistic austerity come together at an extraordinary and unique location.

After the secularization 1802 the Margrave of Baden converted Salem into a domicile (Salem Castle). Nowadays Salem presents itself as a lively ensemble and invites visitors to leisurely strolls in its extensive grounds. There are several museums dedicated to fire fighting, distilling and barrel making.

As in the past, wines from the best slopes of the Cistercian abbey on Lake Constance are still stored in the wine cellars of Salem.

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