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SUB ANNO GRACIE MILLESIMO CENTESIMO. VIGESIMO SECUNDO PRIDIE KALENDAS FEBRUARII INCHOATI. By these words, the Camp Chronicle is indicating the day of foundation (January 3st, 1122) of the former Cistercian abbey Kamp. Kamp is the third foundation of the primary abbey Morimond. The Prince Bishop and Elector of Cologne Frederic I was the founder. After a rapid development of at least 55 branch foundations Kamp monastery was destroyed in the so-called Truchsess War (1583-1589). After the Westphalian Peace (1648) the abbot Polonius reunited the convent, and the monastery was rebuilt. Caused by the secularisation in 1802 the convent was dissolved and the buildings, excepted the abbey church and the former infirmary (hospital), have been pulled down.

In 1979 the Association Europäische Begegnungsstätte am Kloster Kamp e.V  (European Meeting Spot at Kamp Monastery) is founded. The intended object is the cultivation and preservation of the Cistercian heritage, concerning premises as well as ideals. The Association offers various cultural events and, by appointment, guided tours on its own behalf as well as on account of the association Geistliches und kulturelles Zentrum am Kloster Kamp (Spiritual and Cultural Centre at Kamp Monastery). 

Interesting sights are the abbey church, the museum, the baroque gardens, the road mark Cistercian Roads, the astronomic sundial, and, on demand, the rococo assembly hall and the vault cellar.

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